3 Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Basement

When it comes to remodeling a basement space, the first concern of many homeowners is light – and understandably so. Without ample lighting, a basement can fail to provide its basic function as a livable and comfortable space. The lack of natural light also makes this under space difficult to resell.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to add natural light to your basement.

Add Egress Windows and Glass Doors

When you’re building an extra bedroom in your basement, installing an egress window is required by building codes. It serves as an additional exit out of the room in case of an emergency, but it also contributes to the natural lighting of the space. Although one egress is mandatory, you can add as many as you please.

And the more of them you install in your basement, the more natural light you’ll help through. Because they’re larger than half windows and rest above the foundation wall, egress windows allow for more light to enter the basement by recreating the effect of regular windows from the above-ground area.

Alternatively or additionally, you can treat your gloomy basement space with an exterior entry. If the floor plan allows it, install a glass entry such as a window door with sidelights, sliding glass doors, garden doors, or side-by-side exterior French door to provide additional sunlight.

Install Solar Tubes or Hang Mirrors

Hang mirrors and solar tubes are perfect for directing outer light into your otherwise dark basement space. Solar tubes and skylights help sunrays travel from the outside to the inside through the roof or exterior wall, thus illuminating corners and all other inaccessible basement areas.

In case tubular skylights are a bit too much of an investment for you, you can mimic what they do by hanging a lot of mirrors on your basement walls. Arrange them strategically though, since the idea behind this DIY project is to light up your basement by reflecting the light coming from the windows.

A Combination of All These Elements

Because having a source of natural light is crucial for illuminating a basement space, you’ll hardly be able to avoid installing an egress window, glass door, or solar tubes. Though nothing is more effective than a combination of these elements, at least one of them is needed for adding more light.

If you can’t afford all of them, then you’ll need to be very imaginative and careful when designing the interior of your basement space. This especially applies to walls and bulkier furniture. Since both of them can block the natural light pouring through windows, try to avoid overcrowding your basement.

That’s why you need a good contractor to begin with. Here at CMH Builders, we can help you design the perfect floor layout for your new basement so that every light source you add is ample and well-used. Whatever you’re building, we have the right solution. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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