9 Basement Remodeling Ideas For Older Homes

You have all that empty room in the basement just taking up space. No one goes down there unless it is absolutely necessary. There are a few ideas that can turn that empty unused space into a spectacular room that you will use all the time. CMH Builders are basement builders. We can help you get the job done when you’re ready to redesign your basement.

Bring Light into the Basement

One thing basements don’t have is a lot of light, so it can get really dark down there. Check with our finished basement contractors at CMH Builders to help improve the lighting situation by installing a window. Windows add natural light to any area and also make the room look bigger and more inviting.

Create a Guest Bedroom

Remodeling basements for your guests can take more than just slapping a coat of paint on the walls or bringing in a firm mattress. Some older homes may have exposed ceilings or a dirt-covered floor. You will need a basement contractor to install the appropriate ceiling and cement finishes. So, before you ever decorate, you’ll need to have the space inspected to be sure it can be made livable. With CMH Builders interior design team, we can also add all of the finishing touches to your new guest room as well.

Sports or Game Room

Every home needs a private sports room where you can play games and watch sports. The basement is the perfect place to start. With our professional design team, we can coordinate the space you need for the pool and foosball tables as well as comfortable places to sit. CMH Builders is a basement remodel company and we’ll help you get the most out of you living space.

Install Your Own Private Gym

Keep to your workout schedule with a home fitness center. Just because you have an older home, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a home gym. The benefits of having your own personal gym are: you will have easy access to the equipment, you can avoid treacherous membership fees, and you won’t feel watched while others are waiting for the exercise bike you’re working on. Talk with our professionals at CMH Builders for a consultation. We can install the proper flooring and secure the appropriate ventilation for your needs.

Design a Home Theater

When you need a break from the workday, the perfect place to go is the movie theater. You can enjoy that movie experience from the comfort of your home. A home theater is a great idea when you decide to finish your basement. You will feel at ease with our basement contractors in Indianapolis. CMH Builders will not only remodel the unfinished space, but we can also do the interior design as well. We can work with you to help you get everything a home theater room needs, including luxury seating, projectors, and screens.

Install a Basement Fireplace

You can make the basement even more comfortable and homely with a revamped or newly installed fireplace. This can also help keep the basement warmer without overworking your home’s heating system. Whether you want to add a modern touch to a contemporary suite with a large basement fireplace or complement a basement with a log-cabin feel using a smaller fireplace addition, there are plenty of ways to make this installation work for you.

Even if your basement doesn’t have access to a chimney, you can always install synthetic fireplaces with safe and colorful effects that evoke the same mood as a traditional fireplace. You can also transform your entertainment suite into a fireplace by using a virtual fireplace video on your TV screen for those special occasions.

Create a Personal Library with Bookshelves

If you want to add more storage space while also showcasing your collection of books, you can install strategically placed bookshelves throughout the basement. This can help make the space feel more lived in, while freeing up storage space elsewhere in the home. If you collect DVDs, old-school vinyls, or other types of media, you can also use bookshelves to hold these collectibles and provide an appealing display for them.

Add an External Door

In many cases, adding an external door can be a great way to make the basement more accessible. However, this may not be ideal for all basement remodels, as they can be costly and require the use of additional machinery. Proper drainage will need to be installed to prevent flooding, and waterproofing is necessary to prevent damage to your floors. Despite the additional requirements for the installation of an external door, it can be worth it if you want to make it easier to access the basement or want to facilitate a great view of your backyard or a walkout patio.

Build a Music Auditorium

While the basement theater is a popular idea among many homeowners, one idea that’s often overlooked is a music room or auditorium, complete with a performing stage. This is the perfect addition for musicians who want to create their own studios to create or simply listen to their music uninterrupted, with the ability to soundproof the walls and include acoustic walls to optimize sound quality. You and your friends and family can enjoy jam sessions or even put together professional recordings with a basement music auditorium that includes everything you need.

For your next basement project don’t just hire anyone, call CMH Builders because “We treat every home like it is our own”. You’ll receive a free in-home consultation.