What Are the Advantages of Installing Custom Built-ins?

Custom built-ins come with many benefits when remodeling the home. Here are some of the common types of built-ins and their advantages.


Custom built-in shelving is one of the best ways to make public spaces such as the kitchen and living room more attractive, and is useful for both display and storage. Whether you want to showcase your book collection or antiques, you can use many different styles of shelves to bring more appeal to any space. Shelves also work in the bathroom as a practical built-in for additional and convenient storage space.


There are many ways to install drawers as custom built-ins. One type of built-in that’s often used today is in-stair storage drawers, with units built directly into a staircase to create storage space in an area that’s normally never used. Another type of drawer you can consider is beneath a raised platform bed. This allows you to store items beneath the bed while freeing up more space in the bedroom.

Built-in Closets

If you need an effective way to reduce household clutter in the home, you can install custom closets in the bedroom where closet space may otherwise be limited. Enhance these closets with organized features such as partitions, drawers, shelving, hanging rods, and shoe racks for optimal convenience. You can also add other features including a loveseat or bench, dressing table, or a mirror.

Breakfast and Dining Nooks

Breakfast nooks are popular in many homes, whether they’re used for breakfast or dinner. You can form the perfect dining nook with built-in seating and tables near a window. Your home will benefit from a cozier and casual eating area that’s ideal for keeping dining and food prep areas close to each other, and adding one or more banquettes can even open the space up further.

Entertainment Centers

Today’s entertainment systems are increasingly complex, making it necessary in many cases to install an entertainment center that keeps them organized. Built-in entertainment centers can serve as the centerpieces in the basement or family room. A bracket can provide wall-mounting for the TV to save space and form a movie theater setting, with more room for video and audio equipment along with accessories. Consider installing dimmable lighting to contribute even more to the movie theater feel. A charger center is also ideal if you want to conceal any stray wiring from other electronic devices.

Free Up Space with Custom Built-ins Today

Installing custom built-ins is a great way to increase the amount of living space in the home while remaining complementary to the rest of your home’s architecture and decor. Your home will benefit from an absence of clutter and more aesthetic appeal with fully customized installations that take full advantage of available space.

Whether you want to install custom built-in as part of a complete remodel or simply want to use one as a small addition, you can easily install any type of custom built-ins with the help of experienced professionals today.