Danville Basements

It’s time for a new basement. You know what you want; you just aren’t sure how to turn that drab, dreary space into the inviting open concept room of your dreams. Lucky for you the experts at CMH Builders know exactly how to transform even the worst basements into the best living areas.

Quality Craftsmanship Creates Beautiful Basement Designs in Danville

When you are remodeling a basement, you need to know that everything is done to match the style and tone of the rest of your home. Quality is essential to ensure that your new space not only looks great, but is functional. The expert builders at CMH Builders strive to integrate every piece of construction with the internal architecture of your home. Whether it is matching millwork or adding a stylish staircase to the room, it is our job to make sure that everything we add accentuates the rest of your home.

basementCustom bookcases and cabinets are a wonderful way to add the kind of style that showcases a room. Taking advantage of limited space, custom built-in cabinets incorporate rich hardwoods to complement your style and add value to any fine home. This is just the beginning of how our quality workmanship can add style and flare to your new basement space.

A Different Kind of Basement Refinisher in Danville

Whether you want to build a downstairs getaway or simply upgrade an already finished space, CMH Builders prides itself on the way we handle every job. Beginning with your first phone call, our trained staff of design and building experts works hard to come up with a complete project plan that answers all of your remodeling questions.


We don’t handle basement refinishing like so many other contractors. Instead of telling you what we are going to do, we begin by listening to what you want – and designing a space that you can call your own. Once our design team has come up with a plan, then our trained construction staff takes over.
Using almost all in-house construction experts, our clients have the peace of mind in knowing that their project is safe in our hands. We use very few subcontractors, which allow us to keep a close eye on your project and ensure that it is being completed to our high standard of excellence.

Our motto “We treat every home like it is our own,” isn’t just words to us. It is something we believe in. When you trust us with your home remodeling project we understand that you are entrusting us with your home…your family … and your dreams. That’s not something we take lightly and offer our commitment that we will complete your basement refinishing job with the kind of professional quality you demand.

Basement Remodeling Projects in Danville

There are many ways you can enhance your basement with our remodeling projects, with the ability to transform your basement into an elegant and fun part of the home that can impress your guests. We offer many different types of features for basement remodels, including bars that can create a great space to serve drinks with added convenience and pool tables that can turn the basement into a fun recreational space. We also have the ability to remodel basements in older homes and basements with low ceilings, meeting your home’s specific needs for every project. Our remodels can combine both functionality and style for a unique look, leaving you and your guests consistently impressed with the final results.

Our experienced professionals can give you great results with every project, working on a schedule that works best for you. We can complete each project in a timely manner and will ensure that you’re satisfied with the final remodel.

Building a New Basement With Our Danville Contractorsdanville-basement-2

When you are ready to get started creating a whole new look to your basement, give the professional refinishing team at CMH Builders a call. Our friendly customer service team will set you up with an appointment for a free consultation with one of our in-home designers.

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