Greenwood Basements

The basement is often the last place you look to add space and style to your home; yet the experts at CMH Builders know the impact a refinished basement can have on your life – and your home’s value.

What a Basement Remodel in Greenwood Can Do For You

Remodeling a basement can do more than simply give you more space – although it can instantly double the size of your home. A high quality basement refinishing project can substantially increase the value of your Greenwood home. In some instances, homeowners have been rewarded with tens of thousands in equity once a basement-refinishing service is completed.


How to Get the Most from Your Greenwood Basement Remodel

You have high hopes for your basement transformation. How can you be sure it will turn out the way you expect?

Start with a Plan

A custom basement designer can help you figure out how to turn that drab space into an open and inviting one. CMH Builders begin every project with a walk through with one of their professional designers, who will then map out a detailed plan for your new design.

Demand Excellence

Your basement remodel deserves the kind of quality craftsmanship that only CMH Builders offer. We work hard to ensure that your basement remodel reflects your personal taste and your home’s overall style. By integrating every design element into the architecture of your home, we guarantee that the finished product will accentuate the beauty of each room.

Integrate Custom Design

Your home is unique – just like you. That is why we always integrate custom designs into our basement remodeling jobs. It is those custom touches that offer the high end style that our clients demand. From custom built cabinets and bookcases to unique staircases added for an extra touch of flare, our quality workmanship offers a unique blend of sophistication and personality to every home remodeling project we do.


A Different Kind of Basement Refinisher in Greenwood

We aren’t like other contractors when it comes to our basement refinishing projects. Our motto is ”We treat every home like it is our own.” These aren’t just words to us – it is a philosophy we take to heart. Whether you want a full basement remodel or simply an upgrade to modernize your existing space, CMH Builders is your partner with designing and constructing the perfect basement for your family to enjoy. Beginning with your very first phone call, our expert staff is available to answer your questions and help you build the basement of your dreams.

Our team becomes part of the family as they work on your new basement. Since we use very few subcontractors, you will get to know the people building your new living space. This offers the kind of trust and confidence that our clients have come to expect.

Tired of your old or unfinished basement? Transform your basement into a beautiful, professionally finished basement with help from CMH Builders’ basement remodelers serving the Carmel, IN area. We have the experience and expertise to enhance basements of nearly any style and layout to give you the best possible results with every project.

Greenwood Contractors Remodeling Your Basement


It is easy to overlook the potential of your basement; especially if it is dark, dreary and cramped. But consider the impact on your daily life if your basement was transformed into a bright, open, sophisticated entertainment area. With a fully remodeled basement in your home, you can show off the basement as much as the rest of your home, potentially serving as an entirely new room.

We also keep the remodeling process as efficient as possible, making sure you don’t have to go without a finished basement any longer than needed.

Basement Refinishing and Remodeling Services from CMH Builders

The experts at CMH Builders have been transforming basements throughout the Carmel area for years. Spaces once forgotten are now used on a daily basis, adding vital square footage – and value – to our customer’s homes.

Taking on even the smallest details of each job, our custom crew knows how to design and build a unique space your family will appreciate. From designing the initial layout, to the actual construction, our crews can handle it all:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Trim
  • Carpet/flooring

Basement Remodeling Projects in Greenwood

There are many ways you can enhance your basement with a remodeling project, turning an ordinary basement into a flashy part of the home that can impress any guest. Basement remodeling with a bar can give your home a great space for guests and residents to enjoy beverages during get-togethers. Pool tables can transform any basement into a recreational space that’s fun for anyone. We can also provide basement remodeling for older homes and basements with low ceilings, with the ability to meet your home’s specific needs. We’ll give your basement a unique look that adds both style and functionality. Our goal is to leave you as impressed as everyone else who visits your home, working to give you the best possible results with every Greenwood basement remodeling project.

Building a New Basement in Greenwood 

Ready to learn more about renovating your basement? The friendly customer service team at CMH Builders are ready to discuss the options available throughout the 46143 and 46142 zip code area. Call today to set up an appointment for a free consultation with one of our in-home designers.

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