Avoid These 5 Critical Mistakes When Finishing a Basement

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A finished basement is a potentially invaluable investment in the home, taking advantage of existing space while also increasing the overall value of the home. Prior to getting started on your basement finishing project, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid to keep the process efficient throughout. Preventing these issues can help you get the most from your basement finishing project without requiring you to spend more than you need to on maintenance and new materials or equipment.

1. Forgetting About Moisture

Most basements will require homeowners to work around issues regarding moisture, which will require the use of appropriate materials. While you may want to install hardwood floors, these installations tend to absorb water, which can ultimately result in deteriorating and buckling floors over time.

2. Obstructions That Block Equipment

Your basement likely has certain critical equipment that’s necessary to keep the rest of the home running the way it should. These items could include furnaces, water heaters, and boilers. In many cases, a basement finishing project could prevent access to this equipment. The water main, gas mains, and electric panels are also important to consider when finishing a basement.

3. Neglecting Drainage

Because basements are located underground, drainage is a vital consideration in finishing projects. Without considering drainage, the basement could be at risk of experiencing flooding as water leaks along the edges of the foundation. This is why it’s important to install a sump pump that can keep the basement from gathering water over time.

4. Keeping the Same Stairs

Oftentimes, homes may have basement stairs that are narrow, steep, and dark, which could be both unappealing and dangerous. When finishing the basement, the stairs could benefit from an upgrade not only to improve safety, but to match the look of the finished basement.

5. Avoiding Soundproofing

The basement is a potentially noisy space, whether it’s from occupants or equipment such as boilers, furnaces, or water heaters. Soundproofing the basement can help significantly reduce noise while making the rest of the home consistently pleasant for residents and visitors.

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Taking all of these into consideration can help you keep your basement finishing project consistently efficient until its completion, while helping you avoid frustrating complications in the future. The best way to make sure you get the basement finish you want is to work with experienced professionals who know what they’re doing and can work with you to give you the best results. While additional appeal is one of the main goals of a basement finish, it’s important to keep functionality in mind throughout and avoid any issues that could arise during and after the project.


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