Basement Remodeling on a Budget

While most people would love the luxury of a completely finished basement, many don’t have the financial freedom for total basement remodeling services. However, this doesn’t mean that homeowners have to leave their basement the way it is. There are plenty of ways to go about basement remodeling on a budget, turning it into something more than a simple storage space.

Here are some of the ways you can save money while improving your basement and expanding your living space.

Organize the Basement as Much as Possible

Oftentimes the basement becomes nothing but a hoarding space for items that homeowners can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of, from old TVs to kids’ clothing and toys. These things can clutter a basement that might otherwise be an enjoyable space.

If you have the time, consider donating or throwing out as many items as you can that no longer have any use for you. You can even make a profit if you sell certain items on eBay and other outlets, making these efforts worthwhile.

Plan a Specific Layout

Determine what purpose your finished basement will serve. Is it ideal for storage when the rest of your home is cluttered, or can it be useful as a more interesting part of the home? Maybe there’s a hobby you enjoy that can the basement can accommodate.

There are plenty of ways you can transform your basement into unique areas such as:

  • Home offices
  • Laundry rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Home gyms
  • Home theaters
  • Arts and crafts studios
  • Music room
  • Wine cellar or brewery

Turning the basement into an interesting space can give you a special location to work or practice your hobbies while freeing up space in the rest of the home.

Affordable Flooring Ideas

You can also improve the overall appearance of your basement flooring with some affordable ideas.

Stained Concrete

Many concrete floors can look great with a stained look. For under $10, you can buy a can of concrete stain and use it to give your otherwise simple flooring a unique and attractive look.

Stenciled Flooring

If you can’t afford new and stylish flooring, another alternative is to use paint and stencil designs to apply high-quality color stencils to the floor. Simpler stencil designs for the edges of the flooring are also great if you don’t have the time to stencil the entire floor.

Get Creative with the Walls and Ceiling

Remodeling walls and ceilings may not be affordable in the meantime, but you can still give them a fresh and appealing look using certain creative ideas.

Turn Concrete Block Walls into Brick

Using nothing but paint, you can make your bland concrete block walls look like artful brick or limestone.

Add Curtains

Another way to make the basement more appealing is to cover ugly walls with colorful curtain designs.

Use Wood to Make Walls Look Great

If you want to update your boring concrete wall, consider giving it a stylish wooden look, using wood pallets and adhesives to help make it stand out, or cut wooden boards into 1-2″ sections that you can then glue to the wall to turn the grain texture into a work of art. Both of these projects can cost less than $20 to complete.

Light Up and Cover Up the Basement Ceiling

Rather than settling for boring fluorescent lighting or incandescent lamps, consider string garden lighting, or even install fiber optics for a starry night look. You can also cover the ceiling up with colorful fabric drapes. On the other hand, you can completely strip away the ceiling and leave pipes exposes, painting them black for a lofty look.

With these ideas in mind, you can save money while making your basement stand out as a colorful and original living space. For professional help with remodeling when you feel comfortable with a complete renovation, contact CMH Builders for assistance.