How To Do A Basement Renovation in Indiana

If your basement is not finished or the space is unusable, you may want to consider a basement renovation or a basement finishing project. This can help to create more usable space in your home that you can use as a family room, play room, man cave or even bedrooms. Finishing a basement is a huge task and one that is best left to basement contractors. If you are considering this project but not sure what to expect, you may be interested in learning the steps involved in a basement remodel. Here are a few of the steps basement contractors follow when completing your basement remodel.

Determining Your Wants and Needs

Before a basement renovation can begin, a basement remodeler will need to sit down with you and determine what you want and need in your basement. They can draw up plans and provide estimates. Based on what your wants and needs are, as well was your budget, you both will come to an agreement as to what the scope of the project will be, what will be changed and what will be added. Ultimately, you will know what your basement will look like when finished and approximately how much the basement renovation services will cost you.

Getting the Space to Take Shape

Once the paperwork has been signed, the deposit has been paid and the permits have been pulled, your renovation project will begin. The first step is to help create the shape of the space you want. This may include tearing down walls that already exist or building walls. During this stage, you will see a lot of wood and framework. At the end of this phase, your basement will be framed exactly the way you want it, allowing you to walk through and see the defined space for every bedroom, bathroom, laundry room or family room that is going in the basement.

Creating Blank Spaces

The next step in the basement renovation project involves taking your framed out basement and bringing it to life. This involves adding the electrical wiring, placing or spraying insulation and putting up drywall. By the end of this stage, your space will no longer look like a construction zone. Instead, it will look like a space with empty rooms that are ready for you to fill and create a life in.

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Basement Renovation in Indiana

The last step in the project is to add the finishing touches. During this phase, your flooring is brought in and installed, the walls are painted, and light fixtures are hung. If you have a bathroom or a kitchen in the space, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures are put into place and installed. Once this phase is complete, the blank rooms in your home will be brought to life and ready for you to begin to live in.

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