Basement Remodeling with a Bar in Indianapolis

Basements can become glamorous additions to your living space, but only when the renovations are handled correctly. Adding anything that involves plumbing and electrical, such as adding a personal basement bar to the area under your first floor, requires the help of an expert remodeling team. Find out how CMH Builders is ready to help you realize the home bar of your dreams while meeting all the Indianapolis building codes and regulations.

Custom basement bar with a fully stocked bar and kitchen.

Custom Basement Additions for Indianapolis Homes

Renovating your basement is a far easier project in the 46203 area than an addition because you’re taking advantage of existing space. Instead of worrying about grading your yard and getting planning permissions for something that will alter the exterior of your home, you’re staying within the existing building envelope and making the most of what’s already there. We specialize in all kinds of custom basement additions in the Indianapolis area, and our customers are happy to refer us to others because “We treat every home like it is our own”.

The Best Bar Features for Basement Remodeling

Wondering how to make a home bar as fun as the neighborhood pub while staying within budget? It’s simply a matter of choosing the right features and elements that make your family and friends happy. Some of the most fun and useful basement bar features include:

  • Pinball machines and old arcade cabinets, which can be purchased inexpensively if they’re not collectible
  • Coffee bar additions, which expand the use of the space to family members who don’t enjoy alcohol
  • Backlight fronts for the bar sections to increase the total lighting in the space due to the lack of windows in most basements
  • Extra wine storage in sliding racks that expand from inside a wall
  • Keg storage that stays at the right refrigeration temperature and dispenses directly from the cooler
  • Fireplaces or faux fire features to make the space feel cozy and homey
  • Separate entrances, complete with customized signage that makes it look like a real bar
  • Waterfall bar seating, which inverts the usual bar design so that chairs fit neatly under the open design
  • English or Irish pub accents, including aged brick veneers, rich leather seating, and moody understated lighting.

Custom basement bar remodel with various bar features.

Deciding on Bar Sinks for Basement Remodeling in Indianapolis IN

While most of the features listed above are easy enough to adjust to comply with local and international building codes, sinks in particular are a little tricky because adding fresh and waste water pipes in a basement requires some careful planning. Don’t worry, CMH Builders, the finished basement company, has the experience necessary to design bar sinks and other water features for your addition that pass the inspector’s muster the first time around. We can even find ways to add a mini kitchen to the area so you can whip up your favorite bar foods as well, all in the privacy of your beautiful and comfortable basement. Give us a call today at (317) 714-6536 to discuss your options and schedule a free consultation.

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