Basement Remodeling with a Bedroom in Indianapolis

Many people don’t truly make use of their basement, or simply view a finished basement as an entertainment space for parties and get togethers. However, homeowners can also turn it into a viable living space that can accommodate residents or guests with a fully furnished bedroom. You can make the most of your custom basement when you add a bedroom.

Let Professional Basement Remodelers Design Your Basement Bedroom

If you’re planning a complete remodel that transforms the unfinished basement into a great living space with a resident or guest bedroom, turn to the professionals at CMH Builders to assist with design and remodeling. Our team of basement remodelers can provide you with the perfect basement bedroom, along with other remodeling projects. You can almost double your livable space with our services.

Spend Less on a Basement Bedroom in Indianapolis

Homeowners often try to save money by leaving their basement as a simple storage area, but converting part of the basement into a bedroom can be a worthwhile expense that makes the basement an invaluable asset. Through the design and development of a basement bedroom, homeowners can expand on the home and add value to it, potentially increasing the price of the home when selling.

You’ll also get more use out of the basement, and can fully revamp the basement with other remodeling projects such as basement theaters, bars, or bathrooms.

Luxury Basement Bedrooms

Your basement bedroom remodeling can help you take advantage of the available space in the home, without the need to expand on the rest of the home. You’ll have a comfortable bedroom space that you and your family can enjoy, while adding more value to your home. Your basements upstairs may also be limited, but you have the opportunity to build the bedroom of your dreams in a previously unused basement.

At CMH Builders, Inc., we work to treat each customer and home with equal respect and professionalism, staying true to our motto of “We treat every home like it is our own.” When estimating the custom basement remodel project, we will provide you with an accurate quote that accounts for all of the aspects of the remodel. With realistic costs disclosed from the start, you don’t have to worry about any hidden or overlooked expenses that you might get with other remodeling companies.

We also make sure that we treat each home with care and clean up entirely following each work day to allow homeowners to continue living in the home throughout the entire project.

Get a Basement Bedroom Remodel Today

If you would like to begin a basement bedroom remodeling project with us, or even remodel the rest of the basement with other additions, contact us today for a free consultation and quote. Our team is prepared to give you what you want when remodeling a basement of any size and condition.

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