Basement Remodeling with a Home Office in Indianapolis

Basements can transform into not only great living spaces, but also working spaces through professional remodeling. Learn about how the basement remodeling experts at CMH Builders can help you design the perfect basement home office while meeting all building regulations and codes in Indianapolis.

Custom Basement Home Office Designs in Indianapolis

Renovating the basement is much easier than installing an entire addition to the home, as you can take advantage of existing space in the home. In addition to converting the basement into a great space for entertaining residents and guests or even making it a rentable living space, you can add a home office that may offer more privacy and seclusion than an office elsewhere in the home. Our basement contractors can help you with many different custom basement home office designs in Indianapolis, sticking to our saying “We treat every home like it is our own.”

Basement Home Office Design Ideas

If you want to know how to design the ideal home office in your basement while staying within your available budget, you need to determine which features to include. Some considerations for a custom basement remodel for a home office could include:

  • Two separate entrances that allow clients or family to easily enter and exit the home office, including installing it near the basement staircase and backdoor.
  • Decor and furnishings that fit comfortably while personalizing the space, such as desks that easily fold and can be stored along the wall when not in use.
  • Warm and ambient lighting that makes the office more comfortable and welcoming, enhancing productivity, whether it’s through the use of natural lighting through windows or subtle illumination using sconces or classic table lamps.
  • Permanent and proper connection to the exterior of the home, through relatively hidden systems such as wireless internet, telephones, and fax machines.
  • Ample storage space to minimize clutter, such as in-wall, wall-mounted, or even under-stair storage areas.
  • Small kitchen or bathroom adjacent to the office to further make for a comfortable space that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality.
  • A color scheme that increases focus and relaxation.

Work with Basement Home Office Remodeling Experts in Indianapolis

While you may have a good idea of how to implement all of the above features in your basement’s home office design, you will likely require professional assistance to turn the dream into a reality. CMH Builders has the expertise and experience required to design the perfect home office in your basement, giving you what you need leave you, your family, and your clients impressed.

In addition to basement home offices, you may consider adding a welcoming basement kitchen or a bar to take advantage of this space. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a basement remodeling project, we can help ensure you get what you need, from design to installation.

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