What To Expect

Customer Service

“We treat every home like it is our own” is not just our motto but it’s what we live by every day not only on the job but at our first appointment to discuss your remodeling options. Your home is an extension of who you and your family are. It’s a retreat from the hustle of the world; it’s our promise to you that we will treat you and your home with respect.

Peace of Mind

CMH Builders completes the vast majority of all work from interior to exterior remodeling with our own employees. Homeowners enjoy recognizing each contractor showing up to their home every day to work instead of having a parade of unknown subcontractors ringing the doorbell every morning. CMH Builders only uses subcontractors for specialty portions of their projects.


Since CMH Builders completes your basement with our own employees we are able to set out a schedule at the beginning of the project and stick to it and not have to wait on other sub-contractors schedule to open up to get portions of the project complete. A typical 1000 sq. ft. basement will take about 5-6 weeks start to finish. With an experienced and knowledgeable field staff and direct contact with the owner of the company, questions get answered quickly and if changes need to be made they can be done seamlessly during the construction schedule.

Quality of Work

With our vast experience in Residential Home Building and Remodeling we have a keen eye for detail in all of our projects. All projects are inspected by the owner and homeowner and all items completed before final payment is taken. All CMH Builders employees clean up and store away tools at the end of the day. We understand that the area we are working is part of a lived in home; drop clothes and stair protection are used in every home.


CMH Builders takes the time to put together an honest and thought out quote that includes every aspect of the project needed for completion. Most companies will put an estimate together that does not included budgets for carpet, vanities, fixtures etc. that make the bottom line of their quote look low and attractive to potential customers. CMH takes a different approach and gives a complete estimate that includes all budgeted items so customers can get a better idea of what the total project will cost.

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