Why Install a Basement Home Theatre?

So why install a home theatre?

The simple answer… it’s fun.

Home theatres provide all the perks of going to the movie theatre, in the comfort of your home.

The basement is the best place for a home theatre for many reasons. The most obvious one would be that you need a nice, spacious room where you won’t disturb other family members and neighbors while having fun with your friends.

What’s more fun than having a movie marathon with your family in your own basement home theatre?

Here’s exactly why you should consider this option:

Easy to Fit Surround Sound and a Large Screen

Instead of waiting in a line that seems endless and prices that rise daily, you can create your own theatre. It’s the exact same thrill of watching your favorite movies on the big screen with surround sound that is sure to make the experience just like the movies.

With all the advantages that modern technology has to offer today, you can say goodbye to those arduous trips to the theatre. Improve your movie-watching experience by bringing the thrill of a real theatre to your own basement. Choose a good high-tech system and take care of your seating arrangement.

Now, that we know a thing or two about your basement home theatre, let’s go through the basics.

The Home Theatre Basics

What makes a movie theatre so great?

The darkness, the sound, the visuals, and the accommodation.

In your case, that means that you need home theatre seating to mimic this experience which is done easily with a sound system, projector, and display screen.

With your home theatre, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of a real theatre, your way. You can say goodbye to movie interruptions, uncomfortable seats, extreme speaker loudness, expensive tickets, and large crowds.

Your home theatre is exactly that –yours. All of these are great reasons to set up a remarkable media room with the proper seating and audiovisual equipment.

Before your First Screening…

Before you run your first official home theatre projection, try different locations for your display screen and projector until you find the best solution. It crucial where you put your audiovisual equipment and seating because you want to make the best out of it.

The bigger the screen, the better the experience, so try to aim the projector at the biggest and the highest wall in your basement. Once you’ve got that set, adjust the seating and the sound system to the screen position and you’re good to go. Get plenty of popcorn and enjoy the movies.

CMH Builders provides a variety of options for remarkable basement theatres. Whether you’re looking for the real movie-going experiences or a simple small home theatre, CMH Builders is your solution for basement theatre solutions. Request a free quote today to start designing the home theatre of your dreams.

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