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By now, you’ve probably heard a few funny, crazy and/or horror stories about working from home since most of us are doing that these days – hopefully you don’t have any horror stories of your own.

In case you haven’t heard any horror stories, let us quickly recap one that was shared by a friend of CMH Builders (names and some details have been spared):

“The reason we had to put doors on our home office was because our daughter walked in while I was on a video call for work and asked me to check to see if she had followed proper hygiene protocol after using the toilet. And it was much more of a show-and-tell inspection request rather than a verbal step-by-step recap of her process.”

After hearing this story, we at CMH Builders feel it is our duty – maybe “responsibility” is a better word choice given the previous story – to put together a list of some of the benefits of having a home office.

  1. Privacy Leads to Productivity – A home office puts a physical barrier between you and the chaos of your house. While a home office might not fully stop a scenario from unfolding similar to our story above, it may buy you the precious seconds needed to mute your audio or video, should a loved one unexpectedly burst in during a call.

    All kidding aside, privacy leads to productivity. A home office establishes boundaries both physically and mentally. If you are currently working from your kitchen table or living room, you’ve probably found it easy to get distracted. A sink full of dishes or a TV remote within reach offer too much temptation for the procrastinator in all of us.

  2. Turning It Off – On the flip side of benefit number one, it’s easy for the overachiever in us to try to multitask work and family time if we are able to do both in the same space. With a home office, you can put a mental barrier between your work and home life. You can get back to clocking in and out of the “office,” and separate your worlds within the home.
  3. Tax Benefit – While we cannot offer you tax advice, we can say that in many cases, people with a dedicated home office qualify for a home office deduction from their federal taxes. There are some requirements, restrictions, and exceptions in order to qualify for the deduction, but having a home office makes it easy to establish a dedicated workspace, which checks off one of the requirement boxes.
  4. Organization – If you’ve set up shop from your kitchen or dining room table during the pandemic, you’ve probably shouted the phrase to a loved one, “Don’t touch that pile!”While the extra desktop surface space of a kitchen or dining room table may feel like a luxury, the lack of file cabinets, drawers and other storage essentials set you up for frustration when one of your piles of files is moved or knocked over. A clean, organized work space can do wonders for your productivity – clean desk, clear mind.
  5. Professionalism – If you’re someone who is routinely on video calls for work, the value of a having a professional setting should be obvious. Have you seen the parody videos of the different types of Zoom users? They’re funny because they’re oh so true. While you can add virtual backgrounds on most video conferencing platforms, they aren’t 100% perfect and can lead to some interesting fading in and out effects – both of you and your actual background. With a home office from CMH Builder, you can bet you’ll be proud to show off your professional office and won’t need to use the virtual background.If you’re not someone who is on frequent video calls or even routine phone calls, there are still a number of benefits to be gained from having a more professional home office. The dedicated space reduces the number of distractions, making you a more responsible worker. With a home office, you are able to perform in an environment that is much more like a traditional office setting – while still getting the benefit of no commute and working in your PJs…we can’t help you on that level of professionalism.


This list isn’t comprehensive, just a fun take on some of the benefits of having a home office. Now, more than ever, we’re hearing from clients that a home office is a must-have for their basement project.


CMH Builders specializes in finishing basements and we’ve been doing so since 2006. We take pride in being different than other residential remodeler – and that difference is in the details. The CMH Difference is something we pride ourselves on and something in which our clients find value.

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We were very impressed with CMH Builders from the beginning and throughout the entire process. They are a well-organized company with great attention to detail and very prompt and responsive.

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