Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing and Remodeling

If you’re looking for more living space in your home, then consider basement finishing. A finished basement can almost double the size of your home at a fraction of the price of a room addition. Through our design services, we will help you plan the basement of your dreams while still maintaining a careful eye on the budget.  We offer free estimates and in-home consultation for all of your projects as well as a follow-up meeting with one of our basement professionals to discuss our estimate in detail as well as provide a 3-dimensional walk through of how the basement finishing will look when completed.

Upgrade Basement Living Spaces

Whether you use your basement for entertaining friends and family or just need a little extra space for the kids, CMH Builders will make sure you are completely satisfied with your new living space. Already have a finished basement? Our basement remodeling services can bring fresh live to your drab, dark, old basement. Renovating your basement is an affordable way to improve your home.

Consider Various Add-Ons for Basements

When remodeling a basement, there are many ways you can improve it by including add-ons in renovations. There is a wide selection of appealing options that can liven your basement space and make it a perfect recreational addition to the rest of your home.

Theaters for Basement Spaces

If you have enough room in your basement, you can turn it into a great place to house a complete home entertainment system in the form of a theater. You can install everything from surround-sound stereo systems and full-sized projection screens to theater seating to make the basement one of the most exciting spaces in the home.
Custom basement theater finishing project.

Add a Fully Stocked Bar

Another way to improve your basement is to install a bar stocked with a wide variety of drinks, which can make your basement a great location for parties and other social gatherings. Including a sink and refrigerator with a bar can also allow you to form a complete kitchen where you can prepare drinks, food, and access water without the need to go to the upstairs kitchen.

There are many designs that can make your basement bar or kitchen a major attraction that feels like an integral part of the home.

Custom basement with a complete bar and kitchen.

Other Practical Add-Ons

If a pool, bar, or theater isn’t an ideal installation for your basement because of space or budget constraints, there are plenty of other add-ons that can fully improve the look of your finished basement.

Column Sleeves and Crown Moldings

Many basements have support beams, for instance, which you can decorate using custom trim that complement the look of the rest of the basement and home. Crown molding along the tops and bottoms of these columns can make these beams even more attractive.

Finished Staircases and Doors

Another way to finish your basement is to add finished doors and staircases, many of which are normally bland and unattractive. You can give visitors a great first impression with a staircase that greets them with high-quality wood railings and other designs.

Many appealing door designs and styles are also available to make the basement look more like the rest of the home.

Basement Window Designs

Windows in your basement don’t have to look ugly, either. With a sleek design and high-quality materials windows can contribute to a beautiful finished basement that provides natural light and insulation with minimal maintenance.


Because they are situated below ground level, basements are often prone to dampness, which can leave a lingering odor and humidity in the air. Adding a dehumidifier to the basement can keep your basement odor-free and dry. Dehumidifiers can also maintain a healthier environment for homeowners and guests by removing mold and allergens from the air through effective filtration.

You can also place them in locations that won’t detract from the rest of the basement’s appearance.

What to Expect with Basement Finishing

With a basement finishing project from CMH Builders, you can expect several benefits regardless of the types of add-ons you choose. One of the biggest benefits of a basement remodel is the added value to your overall home. The national average return on investment for a basement project is currently 75 cents per dollar, according to a recent survey conducted by Remodeling magazine. You’ll also benefit from more overall functionality, with potentially more bedrooms, storage space, and entertainment space.

You can also benefit from more light in your basement, with windows and doors installed to let in more natural sunlight. Other benefits of basement finishing projects include eliminated moisture, more support for handicapped residents and guests using handrails, more solid footing with finished floors, proper heating, reduced radon, and more escape routes in the event of fires and other natural disasters.

Basement Design For Your Area

We have extensive experience in finishing basements around the Indianapolis Area including: Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville, Fortville, McCordsville, Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, Danville, Whitestown and Greenwood.  We can work with you to design your basement and make sure you will get the most out of your space. From design and layout to framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, trim, carpet and painting, we do it all. CMH Builders takes pride in making your basement look and feel like it was completed with the original build of your home. We can turn your unorganized storage space into enjoyable living space!

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