Basement Bathroom Remodeling in Indianapolis

Basement bathroom remodeling grants you another modernized bathroom for the home. Basement builders, if they finish basements at all, often appoint them as economically as possible. This means no frills, builder-grade fixtures. Usually, it also means a rather uncreative use of space. Whether you plan to remodel your basement from a rough condition or renovate an already finished area, keep in mind that the bathroom need not remain a tiny little box offering the bare minimum in utility.

Modernized basement bathroom remodel in Indianapolis.

Basement Remodeling: Less Costly Than a Room Addition in Indianapolis

Smaller homes could always use some extra space. If the choice comes down to building an addition to the main floor or finishing the basement, you’ll spend less to convert the basement than to add on upstairs. You can almost double your livable space with a basement remodel. Your reduced cost comes from the fact that your basement is already supported and enclosed, has a covering overhead and all the utilities in place.

Basement Finishing Incomplete Without Bathroom Remodeling

If you desire a finished basement, it seems silly to cut costs by leaving the bathroom as a storage area. Believe it or not, this ends up as some people’s choice. However, when pulling permits and framing out the rest of the rooms, completing a bathroom poses less of an expense than coming back later to build out the bathroom with all new permits and higher labor and material prices.

Modernized basement bathroom remodel of the shower and bathtub.

Extra Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home

Basement bathroom remodels in Indianapolis can add more appeal and, therefore, more resale value to your home. If the new bathroom brings your total number to two, you can recoup anywhere from 80 to 130 percent of your costs. This assumes you don’t go overboard with luxuries. Buyers usually look for appealing but basic functionality, not the dollar value of your gold-plated sink. We can make sure your bathroom is fitted with high-quality basement bathroom toilets, sinks, and other fixtures that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Basement Bathroom Shower Remodel

One of the additions that you can include with your basement bathroom remodel is a basement shower, which can make the bathroom more convenient for guests or residents who are spending more time in the basement. We can help design the perfect basement bathroom shower to complement the rest of your remodel, giving you a bathroom that feels as complete as the rest of the home. Like the rest of the bathroom remodel, we’ll only use the best materials and construction to give you a shower that will impress you and your guests.

Whether you want a bathroom shower alone or a bath and tub combo, we can include this as part of your complete basement bathroom remodel, in addition to many other basement remodeling projects.

Luxury Basement Bathrooms in Indianapolis

Your basement bathroom remodeling may not fetch all of your costs at the time of sale, even so, you want a bathroom that you can thoroughly enjoy regardless of its eventual payback. Your upstairs bathrooms may be limited, but while designing an all-new bathroom in the basement, you have room to dream. By selecting a deep whirlpool bathtub and a large shower, you can create a basement paradise in which to retreat.

We at CMH Builders, Inc., believe in treating every customer and their home with the utmost professionalism and respect. Our motto is “We treat every home like it is our own,” and we mean it. When we estimate your project, we include everything so you know up front what your realistic costs will be. Our employees protect your home with care and clean up after each work day so you may continue to live in your home during the lifecycle of the remodel. We never cut corners, and we always listen to you. If you’re thinking of adding a basement bathroom or remodeling your whole basement, please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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