Basement Remodeling with a Home Theater in Indianapolis

Remodeled luxurious basement theater.

How often do you go into your basement right now? If you’re like most Indianapolis IN homeowners in the 46210 area, you rarely spend time in that space because it’s dark, cramped, and best suited for storage. However, it also happens to be the ideal place to put that home theater you’ve been dreaming about. Why wait until the kids have moved out or lose your guest room space when you can make the most of your home by remodeling the unfinished basement?

Let the Basement Remodeling Company Handle Design Too

When you’re planning a complete remodel that takes an unfinished part of the home and transform into a comfortable living space, you need to design everything from the bottom up. Not only does our team here at CMH Builders know where to put the studs and how to set aside space for wiring and plumbing, we can also do the interior decorating side of the design work as well. You can bring us your ideas for a complete home theater, including everything from flat screens and projectors that fold away to advanced luxury seating, and our team of finish basement contractors will help you make it a reality.

Basic basement theater remodeling project.

Pick a Focus for Your Home Theater Basement Remodeling

Of course, not all home theaters look or function the same way. You can tailor your design to the entertainment forms you and your family prefer. For example, a basement remodel planned for a family of gamers who love to compete against each other in racing or fighting games will look very different than a design for someone who wants the movie theater experience at home. Different seating, screens, sound equipment, and even snack bar options work best for different home theater ideas.

Keep It Simple with Indiana Basement Finishing

If there’s only a few movie or television buffs in the family, consider a simple home theater that only takes up one corner of the basement. Two to three reclining leather seats, a large screen flat panel television, and surround sound speakers don’t need a space much bigger than 8 feet by 8 feet. This can be a very affordable project, even if your basement must be finished before you can add a compact but luxurious theater to it.

Custom basement theater finishing project.

Going All Out with High End Home Theater Design in Indianapolis

Just because it’s in the basement doesn’t mean it’s designed to stay small. If you’ve got a large basement, consider transforming the entire thing into a multi-purpose family entertainment room with the home theater system at the center of it. Some homeowners add up seating for 10, 12, or more to accommodate friends and guests, while others introduce elements of arcade attractions, pool tables, indoor trampolines, and home bars. The sky is the limit when you’re working with CMH Builders, who can do some of the best basement remodels, because “We treat every home like it is our own”. Call us today at (317) 714-6536 to schedule your free consultation and find out exactly what’s possible in your basement.

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