The Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement

A home’s structure and integrity all tie back to one thing – the foundation. Oftentimes, a home’s foundation is exposed in the basement area and in order to ensure a properly running home, you’ll need to protect your basement and the foundation is encompasses. The most common way to do this is by waterproofing your basement.

Waterproofing your basement holds many benefits and we’re here to present them to you.

Here is why you should consider waterproofing your basement:

Prevent Moisture Build-up

Moisture build-up is a common issue in basements that are not waterproofed. Water may come in from rain, especially in windy weather. Additionally, melted snow can also cause a build-up of moisture. Since mold and mildew flock to moist environments, without proper basement waterproofing in place, you’ll have to spend a lot of cash and time to get rid of them.

Mold and mildew can jeopardize the structural integrity of your home but also affect your health and well-being. Mold and mildew can irritate asthma, aggravate allergies, and so on. If you have your basement waterproofed, you will prevent water from coming in and prevent mold and mildew from even starting to grow.

Prevent Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

No matter how well a foundation is constructed, it’s still made out of concrete. This means that there are small micro-cracks in your home’s foundation that you can’t see. But water can easily find them. Because temperatures rise and fall, water will slowly get into these microcracks and porous surfaces. The end result – large cracks that can easily undermine the structural integrity of your home.

Since foundation repairs are very costly, you have to minimize the risk of cracks showing up in your foundation structure. Waterproofing can help you with this because it consists of two processes: waterproofing and fixing leaks in basement walls.

Increase your Home’s Value

Waterproofing your home will undoubtedly help you increase its property value. This is an efficient way to secure and protect your home. Down the line, you’ll be able to maintain your house with significantly less cash, even if you decide to refurbish it.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Are you having problems cooling your house during the summer and warming it up during the winter? Your basement can easily be the cause of it. If water finds its way through the basement during the warmer months, it will increase the humidity in your home and make it harder to cool off.

During the winter, cold air will get through cracks in any basement and make your heating less efficient.

Prevent Flooding

Did you know that floods are the most destructive natural disaster in America? If you live in an area with a wet climate, you should consider waterproofing your basement because it will prevent flooding and protect your valuables stored in there.

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