What to Do if Your Basement Floods

If your basement experiences flooding, it’s important to act fast to avoid necessary repairs and keep cleanup relatively simple. There are many potential causes of flooding in basements, from burst pipes to heavy rainfall or sewage backups.

Here are some of the steps you’ll want to take immediately upon discovering that your basement is flooded.

Avoid Stepping in Standing Water

One of the important things to remember if your basement floods is to avoid any direct contact with the water, as it could electrocute you if there is any electricity flowing through it. It’s also generally a good way to get dirty, particularly if the standing water is the result of sewage backup.

Cut Off Water Flow

Depending on the source, there are certain ways to go about stopping the flow of water.

If the flooding is the result of broken or malfunctioning pipes, you should turn off the water’s shut-off valve, which you may need to locate if you’re unfamiliar with using it. Some valves are installed beneath the ground and will require the use of specialized tools to shut them off.

If the cause is sewage backup, avoid flushing any toilets or running faucets. You may be able to get your local sewage authority to help with pumping services or allow you to submit a claim for reimbursement. However, homeowners with a septic system will need to contact the septic company for pumping as soon as possible.

Groundwater is another potential cause, but this is more difficult to deal with in the event of flooding. You can mitigate the situation by contacting a waterproofing expert or a structural engineer, as groundwater flooding indicates that the issue lies with your home’s foundation.

Contact a Plumber with a Professional-Grade Pump

Flooding, particularly when severe, isn’t a DIY project for most homeowners. Flooding will often require the use of a high-capacity pump that gets rid of the water quickly to avoid causing long-term damage to drywall.

Consider a Basement Remodel

If the foundation of the home is problematic or another part of the basement is frequently responsible for flooding, you may want to consider remodeling the basement with the help of professional remodelers. Basement remodels can eliminate any problem areas that cause frequent flooding, while also providing homeowners with a new, fresh look for their basements.

There are many types of projects that can come with a remodel, turning the basement into an appealing living space for both residents and guests alike. You can install a new bathroom or bedroom design, bar and kitchen, or even turn the space into a fully equipped movie theater that everyone can enjoy. At the same time, you can prevent future floods and other issues with new construction.

Taking these steps can help you avoid many of the problems that result from basement flooding, helping make these situations less frustrating and costly.